Thursday, February 12, 2015

The State of our Nation.

The State of the Nation address is on every-one's lips. Whether we will be able to listen to it - or understand it, is another question. But let's not be nasty. Most commentators and "religious leaders" want us to be nice today. The "religious leaders" even prayed against, the "spirit of division" in parliament.

I'm not so sure that Juju and his red brigade, understand, or want to understand these niceties. For them, it is an opportunity to grab the attention of the media. After all, all publicity is good publicity.
However, one need to ask the question what would be the best way to serve the interest of poor communities. Would it serve the interests and change the desperate situations of communities, terrorized by violent gangs and viscous druglords, or who don't have any source of income, communities who have been left behind, due to incompetent local government officials, that we also put on our red overalls and shout (with everything in us), "PAY BACK THE MONEY, PAY BACK THE MONEY!!!" (or any other appropriate slogan)?

I wonder. It seems to me that even Juju and his clones, have not yet convinced me that they would be able to develop the kind of engineers, town planners, architects or financial planners, etc. to run and make this country (all our communities) thrive. We don't need more political theatrics, or a new mob of looters - what our communities need is leadership, the ability to drive and implement a vision to pull together the finest, toughest and sharpest minds, in the quest to solve the most challenging of challenges that we face. This is an inspirational challenge, but also, it calls for periods of long-term silent, lonely and yes, even boring slogging, to create a sustainable future. So, at least this observer, citizen, patriot is not yet convinced that the red brigade can provide this, let alone the current lot sitting in cabinet or the state departments. 

The current state of our nation is experienced in local communities - out there in the dark; in the pit latrines, where our toddlers drown; in the bushes close to the "lollie lounge" where our young girls are raped and mutilated, in our communities where poor people turn on each other - ripping ourselves apart. These chilling realities are symptoms, which calls for a deeper, slow, albeit urgent work - not for another gang of clowns, who can sing and dance, as the only qualification to run a modern state.
I am hopeful that this country has the character and abilities to rise above the moment. We can still change things, but then the state of our nation need to be not only on our lips, but also pressing upon our hearts, and captivating our minds and hands, as we work towards the peaceful, non-racial, non-sexist nation, which our constitution dreams of. We have the state of our nation, in our hands - what are we going to do with it? 

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