Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to the (Un) Free state!

Ag no man-not the Freestate (and racism) again! I read a piece by Prof Jonathan Jansen about a recent attack by white youngsters on blacks. Of course, Prof Jansen (again) downplayed the vicious attack. It is simply the stupidity of a very small bunch of idiots. It might be so, if you play along with his numbers game, but there is something more here. These violent bigots are not stupid-up to recently, they were students at the university where he is the rector.

Perhaps they were a bit ambitious and thought that, in trying to kill innocent people-because they are black, might also give them some space in the sun. They thought that perhaps they would also end up on the front page of the Afrikaans newspapers, like the Beeld - Rockstar killers like the Waterkloof-4. This is the story of how Afrikaner legends are born - they thought. Of course, I am trying to read their minds. That is stupid. Because, of course, they would deny it all. Something just came over them and they succumbed to "it". The devil made me do it.

I think Prof Jansen is naive about the deep network of institutions, myths, narratives and interests that not only sustain, but keep breeding these acts of race violence. What we have here, is simply a little smoke that escapes through the cracks in the surface. For the dearest professor (yes, the "volk" at Kovsies love him) to brush this smoke off as merely two silly idiots, plays into a definition of racism which is personal, individualistic, and which hope that if we only sing Kum-Ba-Yah, my Lord long enough, it will go away. It will not. The transformation of institutions, through clear equity targets, the conscious release of resources for the development of black academics and students, Prof, will meet fierce and sometimes violent, resistance. It will. Higher Education transformation will grow into a battlefield, where "bitter-einders" will fight to maintain and extend their ill-gotten gain. They are not a small innocuous minority that you can brush off. The Reitz-boys, the Skierlik skieter and of course the Waterkloof-killers are not the real faces of racism; these boys made the mistake of acting out what is planned and discussed in secret. All of us, black and white need to heed the call. There's something cooking and (actually) we should thank these two men for being honest about the reality.
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