Thursday, July 07, 2011

Beat Life.... Moving on the Beat of Life

Its quite a challenge to remain committed to values you hold dear and grew up with, and manage the political dances when you want to move up in life, or beat the struggles we are confronted with. Or is it? Perhaps this is the internal struggles of liberation movements. During the struggle you fight off an enemy and construct your identity against that of the enemy. They are evil, we are divine; they unjust, we are just; support for them, is being a sell-out, support for us, mark you as a comrade.

It's not so easy anymore. In the midst of political negotiations, trade-offs, a new set of challenges, the lines becomes blurry. We make new discoveries: the enemy becomes human, the issues more complicated, the poor, unjust, marginalised, etc, it is discovered, is also human. They are not simply innocent anymore, they're desperate, violent, sometimes downright cruel, and so we start to dance. We spin around our clinical analysis of the past, the mechanical schemes, which sustained our cause. Our dance today, against the background of our failures, becomes a parody of the noble struggles and blood that was shed.

Dance might also have a positive spin to it. It's not all negative. Its not simply about replaying and feeling the old long-play records (LP's). Life is indeed more then a simple black or white, heaven or hell, just and evil scheme. Whilst you might want to remain a clinical scientist in a squeecky clean lab, life happens irrespective. In all its messy-ness, off-coloured-ness and blended experiences and creativity and passion. And in the midst of this, a creative, imaginative God is dancing, as the beat of life itself. As we start to dance along with our father, we discover that we also move to the rhythms of life; we sense the experience, we feel the beat, we move along. We realise that our values are not changed, by the realities of life, our values are embedded in the way we move and have our being. Yes, it's not about moving 'up in life'; it's about moving to the beat of life. It's being free to move. Now that is true liberation, freedom, moving on... the beat of life.
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