Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding our compass....

Listening to community members in Riverlea, the last few weeks afforded me the prescious opportunity to reflect on what is important. Perhaps the better question is 'who' is important. I will not be able to answer the question for now, because this really a ongoing mindset, that should guide all our activism as well as our intellectual engagement.
Often we get lost in the woods. We wander off to interesting pathways and sounds. This might be because some important person refered to this or that special detour. We would argue that we want to see it for ourselves and engage the person on the 'important' question whether it is really of value. Soon we become entangled in a secondary enterprise-now the issue is to engage these important people... and so we forget the reason for the journey in the first place. We are lost.
In these situations it remain critical to take a look at our compass again. It is critical that we listen again to answer the question, why am I on this journey and where am I going. For the last few weeks its been the people in Riverlea community that saved my soul. We are here for each other, we are here to regain and share our common be sisters and brothers to each other. Our engagements, even Gods interventions in our lives, remain focused on finding each other, loving each other and this, is a journey of picking up the impulses of the image of God. This is our compass, this is what directs our being here.
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