Friday, July 23, 2010

Peter De Villiers and the media (again), the clown, the questions

Some would say, here we go again, but let me say it: certain sections of the media is running a campaign to discredit the black Springbok coach. I can understand when Aussie and New Zealand commentators and journos have a go at anything to do with the Springboks. They need to attack us psychologically. That's part of the game. But why would South African sportsjourno's then reprint these reports almost verbatim?

My questions:
Why would they gloat at the kind of remarks made about de Villiers capabilities, his English, his style, his kind of humour. Why would it be funny when he waffle in English ? Why would his moustache, or voice-tone be singled out for particular redicule.

Questions that I ask: who would benifit from a Springbok side that loose ? Who would gloat over a loosing Bok coach. In whose interest would that be. Why then would our journalists continue to cas a shadow over the capabilities of de Villiers.

If one analyse the games we've lost so far against the All Blacks then I ask, what would be the reasons behind the loss. Let me state the obvious: At least 2 Boks were cited for their ill-discipline, at least 2 got yellow cards. Why would de Villiers be blamed for it and not the forwards/scrum coach Os du Randt.

Just asking ?
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