Monday, March 08, 2010

Christians, Muslims slaughter each other in Nigeria.

It's International Women's Day and in Jos, Nigeria an estimated 500 women and children were brutally killed between yesterday and today. They were slaughtered in the ongoing violent conflict between Christians and Muslims. It's simply awful.

Of course, this issue is more complex then this and it is also argued that tribal and land issues are at play, but still. Its does not help to deny, like the Vatican, the fact that religious motivations are also at play. Religious fanatism are at work. What an indictment against people of faith, people of the Book, so to speak. If anything, we are all implicated. Let me rephrase: What an indictment against us.

How far have we really come from building walls between people of faiths ? Even within faith communities, we develop sophisticated walls of seperation, thus sowing seeds of conflict. The challenge of new fundamentalisms, the othering and demonizing of difference is still alive and it more vile then ever. But where does it come from? One answer is perhaps not for our comfort: This violence seems to be embedded in the way we read our sacred texts, the way our reading still brutalise and maim. It's in the myths we believe about ourselves and them and re-tell.  Its simply awful and how awful, how horrific this Sunday has been.
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