Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Voortrekker monument- feel the magic

I visited the Voortrekker monument, today and worked (struggled) again through it all: the history, the symbolism and the power, the drama, the art..is too much. That place has some serious power (spell) over me...

Maybe people don't go there anymore, only tourists. I honestly don't know. I also took a Dutch tourist there. What I do know is that the aura of that space is seriously spiritual(?), daunting, intimidating and unnerving. It's like a shrine, a holy place, with all the spiritual, biblical and theological trappings, mixed with a people's story, identityconstruction, mythmaking, creating lifeworld, etc.

But then, it is also violent, crude, painful, yet, its real. It's history, part of our history, my history, my story, my blood.

Whether I want it or not.. it's there. But what are we to do with it ?
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