Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Genoeg is genoeg !

What a shocking, shocking travesty of justice!
Beeld and The Herald Online tells the story of the bitter anger of families of Port Elizabeth, as yet another taxidriver, who killed 6 children on their way to school, was send to jail for a mere 8 years, a meagre 8 years.

Recently I joined a campaign to push our government to clampdown on criminal taxis, especially in the light of the tragic killing of Bernadine Kruger, of Pretoria. Ralton van Rooyen, convicted last year for killing Primary School Triomf's Darren September (13), Kirsty Topley (11), Nazira de Kock (12), Vuyo Masoka (10), Candice Esau (10) en Zoƫ Walton (10) on 10 September 2007, in a reckless drive of hell, however got a light slap on the wrist yesterday as he was send to jail for 8 years. This is the kind of injustice that victims of our criminal justice system have to live with, which point to a deeper contradiction in our so-called new South African society. I therefore support the current arrests of reckless taxi drivers, the impounding of their deadly vehicles, but also the bulking up of our criminal justice system. But there is another side, no tragedy (!), to this sordid tale.

Painfully, in the running of this case and now in the aftermath of this shocking conviction, there was no sign of the Afriforum with pink t-shirts, nor 45 000 members of Facebook, ready to lynch van Rooyen. The cruel death of our children however, will never be forgotten, but also, the injustice of this conviction, yet again reminds us that our struggle for dignity and equality before the law, is not over yet.

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