Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Tribute to Mr L Bergstedt on behalf of the Lückhoff Alumni

One by one the stars that have brightened the firmament of our generation are extinguished. Their voices fall silent, their seats forever empty. And no matter what we do, it seems we cannot replicate their example of honour, of labour, of love.

Now even the greatest of them all is no more. On Tuesday, 24 June 2008, the 1st Honorary Member of the Lückhoff Alumni, Mr Lesley Bigam Bergstedt, has passed away.

This legend in his own time, which has touched so many lives, was teaching at Lückhoff High for over 40 years. His gentle ways, his impeccable manners and his wisdom have inspired generation after generation. Not a single student left Lückhoff without sweet memories of Mr Burg.

His contribution to sports and his professional approach to his subject will never be forgotten. In the history of Lückhoff no one has ever made a contribution of the kind and quality of Mr Burg.

A gentle colossus has moved on, a legend has passed away. We are deeply moved by his death. Now more than ever, as the Lückhoff Alumni we are proud to be associated with him.

Without an opportunity to greet Sir, we are ever so acutely aware of our lost. Yet we grant you the rest, at the feet of your Master. As His angels meet you at His gates, know that we will surely miss you. Please forgive our tears, we find it hard to say goodbye.

Tell those that you join, we labour on. Your legacy will inspire us to greater heights.

In your ears will now ring, the caring whisper of your Saviour, as He takes you by the hand. With a heart full of praise, rest on His gentle breast, as you retire to the promise land.

May His love embrace you, in a land free of pain, free of misery and free of hurt. Join the heavenly host with the words of that beautiful song:
“And I, I shall see Him face to face, and tell the story saved by grace.”

To the Bergstedt family, and to the Principal and staff, we want to express our sincere condolences with the loss of this great man; a colleague, a brother, a friend and confidante. We share your lost and our prayers are with you all.

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