Thursday, June 19, 2008

Malema also want his machinegun

How can JZ repudiate Malema when he himself often calls for his machinegun ? Is the idiotic statements by the leader of the ANC Youthleague simply a measure of what we have in terms of youth leadership? I don't think so. Yet, it does reflect the state of affairs in the ruling party.

The statements coming from the junior president is not out of line. Since we've witness the scenes on the public broadcaster, of the conference in Polokwane end of last year, being labeled as our home brewed democracy, we have in a sense, left behind our innocence. But also, we have lost the moral high ground in terms of our democratic culture and supposedly high regard for the values of political tolerance, vigorous intellectual debate and moral leadership. Do you remember how the chairperson were shouted down, how different voices were danced and sang into submission.... with the hit, 'bring me my machine gun', topping the charts. After that there were some voices stating that they will not accept a situation of JZ being trialled, let alone found guilty. Of course they were silenced and we went on with business unusual. Some more chaotic and unruly conferences came and went, a stabbing here and there, until these statements. It should be noted and commended that Kgalema Motlanthe spoke out statemenly and, by the way, he should be watched... [he should be watched], but on the whole this is the way politics in our country is descending in the abyss.

When it comes to youth leaders we should look beyond this abyss, and from Africa and South Africa, the recently announced list of Africa's young leaders might be a starting point. We need to redefine our parameters for the next generation of youth leaders, beyond political and opportunistic vultures parading as the cream of our nation and our continent's young people.
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