Friday, June 06, 2008

Benny Hinn should stay at home

Controversial prosperity preacher Benny Hinn is on a crusade to South Africa. As far as I am concerned he should stay home and deal with the inquiry into the financial affairs of his ministry. He should not come and preach to us here in South Africa. God is also here. What irks me, is the fact that these con artists, are paraded as the epitome of Christianity, whilst they are under serious investigation in their own countries, but more, they come here to Africa pretending to have the needs of the poor and the needy on their hearts and then they pilfer the feeble income of desperate poor people, all in the name of Jesus, amen.

So, yes, I vote that his crusade to save and heal Africa, be stopped and he be shipped back to sort out his life and his tax-exempt empire, he calls 'ministry'. Of course, those that invited him and set the table for his plunder will go forth, in the Name of the Lord. They themselves stand to gain immensely from this and will of course thank the Lord, on their way to the bank. The thousands from the Lord's money that they spend to get him here will multiply in an act of faith and they can begin to think of their next German sedan or private Jet, leaving behind the poor communities with possibly a bracelet or a card blessed by Benny Hinn, for real.

I was in Uganda, when the Bennie Hinn concert/circus, were advertised, last year, flying the face of poverty and need. He was on Uganda TV with a bracelet with the names of God on it, selling for a few dollars. With this bracelet, which he prayed for, people who wear it will be healed. What a load of crap ! I agree with David Kuo, where he states,
My only thought is that if Mr. Hinn takes so much a single Ugandan schilling from the desperately poor and sick people longing, begging, for a miracle it will make him a spiritual predator, a spiritual terrorist.

It's not the time again, for vile Crusaders from the US, to re-colonise Africa, building their Empires, it is time for us to drink from our own wells, to think for ourselves, to hear from ourselves the word from God. So, maybe then we can help and save Benny. In the meantime he should rather stay at home
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