Sunday, May 25, 2008

A new organisation for African unity

How do one celebrate or commemorate Africa Day, in South African 2008. It's with a sense of shame and embarrassment that most of us experienced this day. Our record in terms of our relationships with our neighbors is failing us and has been dramatically exposed the last few months. This brings us inevitably with the questions: what constitutes our African-ness ? How are we to respond to our challenges and what to do (still) with the pan - African vision that energized leaders at the founding of the Organization for African Unity in 1963. I can do it in no better way than in the words of Justice Malala, in a moving piece named, Generosity to salve our name.

Of course, we have lost the hearts of thousands who have left our shores, who have vowed never to come back again. Our problems in the region is not solved, and indications are that migration will shift to other SADC countries. But in these 'heroes', the 'heroes' of Malala, our heroes lies the seeds our future, our African future.
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