Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alex also on the list of shame

Xenophobia, the ugly twin sister of racism, is destroying the image of Alex, spreading to Diepkloof, but actually it cast a ominous veil of shame over our rainbow. The human rights of Zimbabweans is not only destroyed by the monster Mugabe and his braindead strongmen, but also South African residents in Alexandria, Mamelodi, Attridgeville and now also Diepkloof. What an embarrassment this must be for those who still think that we have dealt with racism and oppression, simply because there is black and coloured faces in parliament. This scourge is running much deeper, but more so, as with the Reitz-4 video, the leaders is trying to explain, describe and justify it.

It should be appreciated that Winnie apologized, on behalf of the residents, but the wholesale outcry against this crime against humanity is missing, possibly because there is no white person in the video footage. In this case there is no white students involve, as perpetrators, hence no marches by the ANC youth league or Cosas. There is also no white people involved as victims, therefore the rest of the world is silent. Because this is black on black, there is no racism and of course, no reason to panic. It's simply the criminal element and the Jackie Selebi's police service will deal with them, appropriately or (as we hear lately) a commission of inquiry will look into the matter.

For me, there is more here. There is a concerted pattern aimed against people from other African countries, a pattern of discrimination and violence. There is need for more than a criminal investigation, there is a need for a UN intervention in South Africa's own and growing failing human rights record. This is a call for speedy intervention, otherwise violence against the other, whether it be Zimbabweans or Congolese will become violence against Indian shop owners, Coloured busdrivers and white plumbers rendering service. This evil culture, raging in the Alexmob, will spread to another township, another residential area, the towns and eventually taking over. I am shocked by what is happening in our country... I am appalled by the deafening silence of our leaders....
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