Friday, April 04, 2008

Shame on you, Herschelle

Herscelle Gibbs, hero amongst so many young boys and girls(!) has again entered his name on the wall of shame. If he is not repressenting SA, smoking a groen pyp on tour, then he accepts bribes for dropping a game (even though he could not even keep his 'word' of course). And so the list of shame and dragging their family name through the muck, goes on. The Gibbs-name was once a proud brand in the sporting fraternity of the Cape. In so many ways Herschelle, in public, reinforce the racist stereotypes for Coloureds-dishonesty, bad morals, a drunk clown in public, with callous disregard for responsibility, trying to go through as a white. Yet, he is so talented and loved when he is on song. Him being allready on the wrong side of 30, would maybe still make it in the national team, occasionally but one may only imagine what legend he could have been, internationaly, should his flawed character not have been his Achillesheel. His legacy remains that of another tragic sporting wannabee. Its sad.
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