Thursday, April 17, 2008

Proudly SA service

This is my second attempt to renew my drivers licence at the Roodepoort Testing station. From my fellow qeue-ees, waiting patiently in line, its also the second or third time around. One just left, disgusted. I'll rather wait.

Why are we so impatient of our proudly SA service? Maybe its because we, people with full-time jobs, appointments, deadlines have to 'patiently' wait in lines for government officials, to open the office at 7h50am instead of 7h30, as indicated on the doors. (Another 2 just left, moerig). We just have to wait more for a ultra slow official explaining something to us in either Zulu or Tswana. And so we wait more for the proudly SA service. Some-one just complain: is so slow here, there's no-one at the next point, the paypoint. Another jokes that its fine we can move faster there. Maybe its faster because its the paypoint. Maybe I should take a few days leave for renewing my licence (and take a language course!).

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