Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Move out of the way, Bob !

Today marks the beginning of mass action, by Zimbabweans to force mad Bob out of the office. His callous disregard for democratic processes, the human rights of his people, but also for the economic recovery of the region has reached a point where he has to be pushed out. This might sound strong, but enough is enough. Even in die face of a glaring defeat at the polls he walks hand and hand with the prez, as if nothing happened-oblivious of reality the two stroll smiling and making eyes to one another. The irrelevancy of Thabo Mbeki also shows in this display of arrogance in the face of the world watching. Even his own party, wants him 'snap out of it'.

Irrespective of whether one might have questions over the the campaign or leadership of MDC people, of conscience don't have a choice- we need to stand with the Zimbabweans. Post-colonial Zimbabwe deserve better then the deal they are getting now. Move out of the way, Bob !
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