Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stormers to win - go boys !

This weekend we face a crunch game as Stormers. Since Rassie took over from Fester it has brought new life in WP rugby. It seems as if Newlands will be packed for the Storm vs Hurricane clash and I will miss it :-(

Rassie has consistenly picked a team that performs. It is hoped that Tonderai Chavangu and Conrad Jantjies wil be flying. I am impressed with the defence of the two. In the past it was suspect and now they are 'ysters' at the back. I have one backline concern though- Ngobani Bobo. He seems to drop the ball at crucial times, his is not so fast either and he seems a bit out of sinc with the rest of the team. Maybe Rassie knows something I don't and let's trust his judgement and instinct; hopefully we'll see Bobo break the lines again.

With regards to the pack, I am, thrilled with Luke Watson gaining his fitness and form again. For all and sundry: he is one helluva rugby player, a great role model and as fas as I am concerned, he has been given a raw deal, unfairly, because of his father ( and his) politics. I would prefer him on 7 with Robbie Dyack on 8, but so be it.

Anyway enough of the couch potato let the real guys who play the game loose and let me do what I do best: GO STORMERS !
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