Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mandoza's case must be investigated

The recent accident where kwaito star, Mandoza, rammed his expensive ride into a Polo, killing 2, need to be investigated. This is not the first time, that one of our popicons is suspected of reckless driving and its not the first time some-one died. What irks me is when Talkradio 702's Kienno Kammies, brags about the kind of speed that they generate on our public roads and how 'idiotic' drivers are who drive 'slow cars' and try keep to the speed limits. This conversation took place after DJ Sbu, was handed a gentle slap on the wrist for driving close to 250 kmph and after that our comrades-comrades Terror Lekota of Polokwane-fame was also caught in the act, so to speak and so we can go on.

Now we hear that Mandoza (Mduduzi Tshabalala) has met with one of his victim's family members 'to follow a traditional approach by participating in private meetings between his family and the families of Thebe and Charles Shabalala.' This private meeting is fine, but it should not take the place of a serious investigation in the whole awful affair, the question, why he was not tested for alcohol levels, what speed he was driving etc. Given the carnage on our roads there should be strong action against spoilt popicons, who seems to be nohting more than accidents in waiting. This madness has to come to an end and if need be the killers must be prosecuted. The relevant article is in The Star
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