Sunday, March 02, 2008

James Buys in memoriam

It's with shock and pain that we've recieved the sad news of the passing on of the much admired, Rev James Buys, former moderator of our General Synod. As an astude and strong young churchleader, he led the way in the historic reunification of the two racially seperated churches, the Ned Geref Kerk in Africa and the NG Sendingkerk to form the URCSA, but also the ACSV and the VCS to form UCSA.

As our leader, you have showed us the way, paid the price, gave your life. May your soul rest in peace and our memory of you, light the way. To Mrs Angela Buys, children and family, we pray with you for strength and commit to stand with you in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

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