Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Close down Reitz for a new free state

As to be expected, from Freestate, the little brats from Reitz, turned out to be nothing more than your normal funloving students, who have wonderful relations with 'their' black nannies and even play soccer with 'their' black workers. Their only ambition in life was to be the next Leon Schuster. Hence the misunderstood video. Is this however all that we can expect from young white Afrikaners ?

White denialism manifest itself in many ways. But, I also see something else...In the face of these young racists, I see the image of black and white students holding hands, praying on this Kovsie campus becomes a significant sign. Another sign I see is the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuurvereniging) appointing key coloured intellectual, prof. Danny Titus as its CEO.

Over the weekend I was part of another little sign. At Kleinmond the National Exec and Senior staff of UCSA, some more Christian students, shared stories from their divided, Afrikaanse coloured and white histories, from struggle and Freestate 'plaas' histories; sharing histories in a quest to find common ground. We heard stories of how new identities were emerging, through interaction, exposure and simply getting to know one another in work teams. At this, commitments were made to keep holding each other's hands, to keep on seeking integration and true unity.

These signs are certainly not our destination, but, I am convince, that it point us in the right direction, away from what is to be expected, to a new free state of being, beyond the ruins of Reitz.
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