Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Black racism lifts its evil face in Attridgeville

While we all loath those wretched Reitz-4, smiling self-rightiously at ourselves, we remain quiet about the black racism that's raging in townships like Attridgeville. How can we remain silent as black mobs turn on refugees and immigrants from other African countries, burning their dwellings, chasing them into the streets, killing some of them? Mail and Guardian reports of at least two people who got killed. I was waiting, hoping for some response, outrage maybe. I probed a bit of conversation in another post. How are we to understand this deafening silence ? Maybe this was an isolated outburst, or maybe, some would say, quietly of course, they deserved it, coming here with their drugs, infections, problems from Africa. The irony of this whole sordit tale is the fact that South African blacks consider these refugees, blacker then their black, too black. This time its not good if you're blacker then black. Yes, that's how 'these people from Africa' are recognised, pointed out, and eventually persecuted, murdered - they are found to be darker or blacker then black. Some South Africans, who also seems on the darker side of town, sometimes fear for their lives, whether it be from fellow township dwellers or the police. This is at the root of the mayhem the last few days in Attridgeville, this is happening in other townships as well. The dark blacks are stealing our jobs and our women, they are our new enemies. And no-one said a word. Why ? Because the perpetrators are black and black people are not supposed to be racists. How could they, afterall, it's only white people who can be racist, today.

The reports indicating that racism is (still) a high priority for us, should not only be read from the Reitz four or Skielik, but also from the mayhem in Attridgeville, the votes-for-houses-mess on the Cape Flats, and also our handling of the recent Central Methodist cleanup in the middle of Johannesburg. Our silence is deafening and illustrates our fading moral legitimacy as people who once fought for justice against racism. These days are gone. Xenophobia like the Attridgeville brand, is nothing more then black racism lifting its evil face- a racism that need to be fought and eradicated, from our soil.
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