Tuesday, February 19, 2008

National Conference on Youthdevelopment

I will be attending a national conference on Youthdevelopment, organised by the Dept of Social development, for the next few days. This mean, of course, that I will be posting my comments and reflections on youthdevelopment in the South African context, here at this site. The recent spate of seemingly racially motivated attacks by young people, again put forcefully on our table the challenges of youthdevelopment and social cohesion. Yet we as South Africans pride ourselves on the peaceful transition to a non-racial society, free of racism and injustice. Despite this, the questions however remain and what is government doing: pasting a plegde over these real issues.

Let me however remain hopefull and see what's the most recent thinking in this areas of youthdevelopment and the role and lace of youth workers, from a distinctly African perspective.
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