Thursday, February 28, 2008

Freestate... Vrystaat !?

Sick !
That's all I could think of listening and reading to the story of the boys of Reitz manskoshuis. Can't some-one, a Kader Asmal figure, simply close down the Universiteit van Vrystaat. With a name like that you would have visions of liberation, progressive intellectual pursuit; afterall, its the only province with such a promising name.

There are rumors that this 'snuffmovie', was in fact edited and not real RealityTV. To be expected from Universiteit van Vrystaat, Reitz ! It however remain nauseating to say the least, and criminal to do this to the elderly black women, destroying their dignity and humanity in such a cruel manner. This has evidently brought the name of the University in disrepute and the guilty ones should be punished.

There is however a deeper concern, when we as a nation, but also beyond, deny the reality of racism and the violence that goes along with it. Dealing with violence amongst our young people, Me Pandor will take more than a pledge or more police on campus, or even young learners being upgraded to security guards. How can you make a youngster a security guard amongst her peers. This is unfair. What is needed is a deeper questioning of the violent culture that pervades our entertainment, our lifestyles and our social interaction. The fact that the key winners at the most recent Oscars portray the best violent bloody stories around, the outcry against Mr Nqakula's warning to crack down on toyguns from the opposition parties and the media, and of course, our top clown, swaying the belly singing, calling for his machinegun, thus swaying the ruling party intelligentsia, say something about us. So, don't act surprised when it happens amongst our children. This violent culture, so ingrained in the DNA of the postcolony (read Achille Mbembe)need to be own up to, exposed and exorcised consciously, tirelessly and without stop.
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