Monday, January 14, 2008

Charges against Nel dropped...

Well, there we have it. The dramatic arrest of Gerrie Nel, main investigator in the National Prosecutor's case against 'top cop', Jackie Selebi, seemingly was an attempt to stall the process of charging Selebi and a botched smear campaign against Nel. This is part of this ongoing sick saga, where it seems as if our top cop think that he is simply above the law. By the way, Nel is not my brother or family, as far as I am aware of. In fact, I told myself that I will not say anything on this matter, but then, here I am at it again.

This saga is in my view, one of the low points of the postcolonial South Africa. Here we have our head of police, up to his chin in the muck, parading as the best South Africa has offer for law enforcement in the world. In the mean time, drugcrooks are preying on the young people in our local communities. This seem like sick old SA joke ! And then, the audacity to simply charge the prosecutor involved in the case, with some frivolous whatever. It's laughable, if it wasn't so serious.

Of course, the Selebi case have to go to court first before we know what actually happened during the course of his term at the helm of policing in South Africa ( and later Interpol). So, the issue is not at this stage with Selebi's guilt or innocence. The matter is the manner in which power has been abused to smear and intimidate Nel. Whoever is behind this will have to face the book. What we need now, is that the respect for the rule of law, but also the organs of law enforcement in our country has to be restored. The hope would be that Comm Tim Williams, the acting head of Police, would start with this process.
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