Sunday, January 06, 2008

Again African mayhem in the wake of elections

This is our story all over again. And this time around, we cannot simply blame the West or colonialism or the US. What happens in Kenya is, to say the least, disasterous to the much talked about, African century. Kenya have been amongst the countries, in the African postcolonial era, that has had some sort of political stability. The plunder and corruption of the arap Moi regime was replaced in a relative peaceful polical transition. Now the mayhem, bursting open, with shameful and downright barbaric media images and grassroots stories, that defy explanation. The thought of marauding youths, armed with machetes, forcing people in a house of worship and setting the building to light, is beyond anyone. This on a continent that cries justice and ubuntu at the drop of a hat. Yes, there are glimmers of hope in the tireless role of retired Archbishop Tutu, in the international outcry and humanitarian effort, in the role of other African leaders. Possibly, a coalition government is on the cards, and we indeed hear cries for calm and stability from both sides. This will however not take back the damage done (again) to the image of Africa, of the state our democracy and governance. The stench of irregularities at elections, the perceptions of abuse of statepower by those on government to copy Mugabe, the irrational violence and bloodshed ( or even threat of it)in the wake of loosing at the pole is an all too familiar feature of our postcolonial political culture. It is this rotten culture that all people of conscience need to expose and transcend, where-ever it manifest itself.
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