Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Zuma again...

I hoped that the conversations (read 'heated debates')on Jacob Zuma would be dated and boring by now... Ironically, it seems if we take serious various commentators, that JZ will be the talk of the town at least for the next decade or so in South Africa and where the rest of the word speaks of Africa. It seems, these days, as if he is the one to speak to and to be seen with and hence we will have to start to position ourselves accordingly. Maybe this is the time for me to eat humble pie, like others. I read Pierre de Vos, where he is saying: "In June this year I wrote on this Blog that Jacob Zuma was “fading fast” and that his Presidential bid was “done for”. Now less than a week before the Polokwane conference it is perhaps appropriate to eat humble pie and admit that I was spectacularly wrong".
His argument can be found here

I also offered an 'opinion', which, I admitted then, remains a risky move, and maybe I should also get ready for some indigestion. I would however go along with Henry Jeffries, in his contribution to Die Beeld, "Zuma-kamp trek kurk te vroeg uit". Maybe, it is prudent for us to wait for Sunday, Day of Reconciliation, in South Africa. It still seems to me that the ANC, as a modern political movement, will remain loyal to a powerful elite, who fuels the vehicle and butter the hands. This might be in stark contrast to the legacy of the likes of Chief Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and even Nelson Mandela. But then, the this Limpopo conference is about an evidently, buttered party (cf The road to Polokwane is paved with millions of rand-Pretoria News 11/12/07) in government, not 'comrades' outside in the streets, or in jail, striding for the cause of the poor and oppressed.
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