Friday, December 21, 2007

Summerholidays...too fast. too furious..

It's that time again-on the road to the coast. For us, 'Valies' its part of an annual deathdefying bullrun, to unwind and enjoy the family. This however remains a risky affair, having to share one road with speedsters (read budding F1 racers) in Audi TT's, M5's, minibus taxis and trucks. (let alone those 4th-hand busses. Its total madness. Now we hear our Roadsafety agency reveals, not surprisingly, alcohol as one of the key factors towards the carnage. May I add the power of the hero media images, where the car becomes an extension of a search for identity. At least I can drive like those on TV...maybe it will bring me the same status...except for the fact that its an illusion, produced to be sold for a fat the meantime we face (evade) the reckless dreamchasers.
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