Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Indigestion.... humble pie time

So the ANC did vote for JZ, AKA 'Umshini wam', AKA 100% Zuluboy, etc. I'm still abit taken a back...and proven wrong by the vote, but then, that's the risk you take. To the African National Congress: I suppose you deserve the kind of leaders you vote for. The question is: Is this what SA and Africa deserve ? Is this all that we can offer to the world ? Resisting the temptation to add to the showers of new jokes about African leadership/governance and the lamentations on our very own descend into mob rule (read 'democracy') I will remain hopefull. I remind myself of where we come from, of the fact that we should not allways take the ebb and flow of party politcs too serious. Given the history of South Africa-where it seemed as of the National party would reign until the Lord's second coming, and now, with the fundamental transitions we're still experiencing, we should remind the JZ-mob, not to be too comfortable in their coupe d'etat. I am reading in the commentary of some 'thoughtleaders' a call for resignation. This is a call to get used to Zuma-rule, to 'our' brand of democracy, as ugly and sleazy as it might seem, to accept majority rule, etc. The issue is not to live with penultimate compromises and flawed individuals and processes. That we can do and indeed, we all live (survive) within such compromises. The issue is that the ruling party, in the growing resentment against the Mbeki rule, missed an opportunity to creatively put alternative policies in front of the conference. The election of JZ is a change of faces and vibe, but certainly not progress in dealing intelligently and coherently with HIV/AIDS scourge, corruption and economic transformation- it will not deal with the growing inequalities between social classes in SA. Publically, Jacob Zuma does not have the symbolic or moral credibility to deal with these critical matters, except, of course in the judgement of the majority at the Polokwane conference. But then, not all of us are ( or will be ) naively intoxicated simply by dance and song.
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