Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And the world is waiting....

Voting is (finally ) underway between Mbeki and Zuma, and the world is
waiting. Dont hold your breath, though. I suppose the run-up to the
voiting, since Sunday, Day of Reconciliation. allready gives indication
of what is coming. Though some observers and analysts (read
thoughtleaders) like Ryland Fisher and Steven Friedman are exited about
this, our own South African brand of democracy, I however beg to
differ. I found it a bit embarresing and allthough I agree with them
that the unruly behaviour we witnessed on Sunday, Day of Reconciliation,
is not unique to South Africa or Africa ( just look at South-Korea!),
this however does not repressent the legacy of the movement that
spearheaded the struggle against apartheid. Secondly, we should stop
being so politically correct, in the face of blatant mob rule. Apart
from the evident class conflict that rage within the movement, there is
also a conflict between an older generation of 'elders' and a younger
generation smelling the green bucks, who will, by all means possible,
grab hold of power in order to rake in the tenders and opportunities.
This is what is at the heart of this intense battle. This is not an
ideological battle between the surging agency of the poor and tbe elite
in power- if it was- I think, then there would have been clear
alternative policies and lobbying around policy shifts on the
fundamental policy positions of the ANC- not around who sings and dance
the best. As a nation growing in stature and in responsibility in African and the rest of the world, we
cannot allow mere singing and dancing to shape our future and the future
of our continent. This conference then becomes to typical of the African
stereotype of the masses swayed by a charismatic leader and then, after
ascending the throne, revealing his true nature towards women and the
plight of the poor, becoming the lackey of the sweaty rich business class. We can only measure the mettle of a leader by the stand they take on key issues, the intellectual engagement on complex social and moral matters.
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