Friday, November 16, 2007

Zuma for president of SA ?

I simply cannot imagine that Mr Jacob Zuma (JZ) will be the next ANC president, let alone the president of South Africa. Talking politics is allways a risky business, still we can voice our opinion, right ? With all the hype and hysteria, it seems as if there is a widespread consensus that Zuma is our man. Well, he isn't. The ANC Youth League and the mighty trade union federation, Cosatu might stand by Zuma, because he repressents a populist position, which is closer to their public socialism. It might be that he will be able to spur on the emotions of the Zulu masses in the rural areas of Kwazulu Natal, singing songs of war and swaying his big belly. At the ANC conference in Polokwane, come December, however, the membership will not vote for Zuma. Allthough the ANC is still percieved to be a liberation movement ( and comrade JZ might still view it as such) the last 13 years in government shaped it towards a sophisticated, politcal machine, where pragmatics, financial stability and growth is paramont. Hence, it is my opinion that the voters will go for stability, more of the same and possibly a bigger dose of neo-liberal capitalism, if not corporatism. The Polokwane conference will not be an ideological rubicon or kairos or watershed, it will be business (pun intended!)as ussual.
Is this what I hope for, in terms of our country ? This is a more difficult question. I would hope for a seperation of powers, where the ANC president is not necesarily the president of the country, where where there is direct representation of local constituencies, not proportional repressentation of the dominant parties and where parliament then elects the prez where ..... and so the list goes on. The bottomline: I foresee that Cosatu will (again) bow to the hand that feeds them and like Shilowa, Jay Naidoo, Cyril, Geraldine, Trev, eventually even Vavi and Midisha will will recieve the higher calling to office, serving their real financial interests, not dummy public roles. Am I cynical and disillusioned with partypolitics ? I don't think so, I just think that maybe inside the illusions of media politicking there are more powerful forces, ideologies and structures at work. But then, let me remind myself not to risk too much, talking politics... this is just an opinion....right ?
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