Monday, September 10, 2007

Courage is Contageous...AA Boesak

Allan Boesak remains someone to listen to intently, irrespective of how you might feel about the man. His most recent article in the Beeld is indeed timely and relevant for the context in which we find ourselves today. It is written in Afrikaans and this in itself, indicates the place the Boesak takes in the debate on national unity and reconciliation. Many a time, key thinkers succumb to the push for political correctness and color-blindness as the safe place for the church to be. Not so with Boesak. Although he fervently stride for non-racialism, affirm the influence of Black consciousness on his own theology and ministry, he is also critical of the way in which the current political regime lay claim upon this legacy. The ANC's growing obsession with race and quotas, obscure safe and constructive conversations about reconciliation, which, in my view are not simply a project, but a costly lifestyle. What is for me interesting about Boesak, is the unapologetic manner in which he unmask ( in his view) the key to Biko's legacy in the fact that he followed, not the gospel of the church, but the gospel of Jesus.

This reminds me of 1993 at a tense funeral of Christ Hani, in the Student's Church in Stellenbosch, where the same Boesak stood up and addressed angry, bitter comrades, who just lost their hero to a right wing assassination. This time he drew strength from the wells of the cross and resurrection of Jesus and played no small part in allaying the eruptious raw emotions of black militant youth.
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