Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our boozing public officials

Why should we allow public officials, especially ministers of health to remain in their powerful positions, whilst there are intimations that they have a dependency problem, or at least deeply rooted personal issues. I suppose having one with the colleagues after work or being sociable is not the issue. Usually, however, where there is rumours in the workplace, you will go the normal counseling, later maybe the disciplinary route, which can lead to dismissal. For those in the public office, these speculations and damaging rumors would seem enough to warrent a suspension, pending the outcome of an investigation, like with Jacob Zuma. Madlala-Routledge were not even afforded this time of grace.

Not so with our disgraced Minister of Health, Dr Manto. Along with the prez, she is adamant that she will survive yet another vicious onslaught on her person and would fight these malicious attacks from her political opponents. I however think she should do the honorable duty to her nation and to her office and (dis)gracefully, resign. The issue is not what the intent/agenda of Sunday Times were, the issue is simply: she is an embarrassment and a liability to the high office she holds. At this point, even a groundbreaking announcement vindicating her views on HIV/AIDS would be met with incredulity-sorry to say.

Maybe, she will survive legally, like 'Pastor' Jacob Zuma, but politically and in terms of the public image of our government (and our nation?), they have failed their higher calling, to be public faces that embody our highest ideals. In the mean time we suspect them to be boozing and showering...
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