Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Amazing how a strike can strike you down... I know-its a bad excuse. A lot of things have happened... holiday in Kruger National Park, 1 day in Mozambique ... Maputo to be exact and some time in the Cape... Western Cape to be exact. I was at the congress of the Christian Youth Movement.... what an experience ! Young people from all over Southern Africa gathering, discussing, reflecting... Mixiting, texting... and so forth. I was wondering again... are we in touch with the various hybrid generations that are emerging. I think this is exiting and hopefull ! I came back energised to stay in touch ( if I can )
I had to leave the youth happening to attend to a family thing in my hometown, Piketberg. We unveiled a tombstone for my ancestors, Christian Nel and Wilhelmina Nel. Another, I think, inspiring moment... to be re-affirmed to the soil again, African soil, earthy soil.... it reminded us of the richness of our culture, multivaried, shifting and dynamic.