Friday, May 25, 2007


We had a wonder-filled week of pentecost at church. Small groups of twenty something people faced the icy cold Highveld at our creche, where we meet. Interesting discussions and conversations ( my new buzzword after Amahoro, conversations...) Yes, we sang, we danced and did the pentecostal thing, but also reflected silently, stiffly on what the Spirit is doing, today. The Spirit, we dare say, give us superpowers ( like Neo in the Matrix or Superman ??) - but this power connect us to the divine. We read passages in Acts and discover its surprisingly an earthly divinity of grace- in the midst of ethocentrism, persecution, violation of human rights and empires (ecclesial, economic and political). It almost as if pentecost-al emerge in the midts of these, as the courage to be different- to defy hegemonies, to follow a leader who subvert the powers that be, by being a servant, dying, by witness through the stigmata of the nails and the thorns- the spear (of the nation), to seek alternative community.