Monday, April 16, 2007

Rugby and cricket woes

It was not a good sporting weekend for me. The worst thing about the loss of the Stormers and the South African cricket team is the fact that you cannot do anything about it. Maybe I should, like many newspapers over the weekend, blame it on transformation and qoutas. If only we had spinners like Botha and Harris, instead of Pietersen (Robin, not Kevin) and bag-carrying Telemachus ( and now Langeveld as well) and if only Hershelle ( despite his 60) and Ashwin didn't dropped their catches.... Rapport's only photo of the cricket is Hershelle dropping that one (oh yes, and the glory of AB in the previous match against Windies with a few spinning the future of our golden boy) and so we can go on. The same can be said of rugby. The bottom line is that it's enough to loose badly-and take the rap for it, but its so sickening when black players are singled out for blame. It is for me symptomatic of so many aspects of our time: people ( and Afrikaans newspapers like Rapport) oppose transformation and affirmative action arguing that it militates against merit and excellence. I don't think its that simple. I think that in the messy world that we live in powergames plays its part-and colour (pun intended) the way emerging talent is managed , that entrenched interests still militates against harnesing all the best we have to produce (winning) results. We are not doing this well enough- this is why talented black schoolchildren are left behind (put down) by the wayside. I've seen them at games and meets at Stellenbosch 10 or so years ago at highschool events taking the honours- today- maybe at their prime age of 20-25 they're gone.