Friday, March 16, 2007


University of Pretoria is still reserving their lecturing jobs for the white, Afrikaans Nederduitse Gereformeerde kerk (Ned Geref Kerk) men. This is the only conclusion I can come to after observing the unfolding saga that last few weeks on process the appointment of a professor in Missiology and the Science of Religion. From what I could gather (the spin notwithstanding) the post was advertised in the Kerkbode (official newspaper of the NG Kerk). I don't know if it was advertised in any other newsmedia (maybe it was - I just didn't see it !). From what I read in the "Kerkbode" ad, it was preserved for Ned Geref Kerk ministers and licenced candidates. Maybe as a way of appeasing the black masses I also heard that (informally) their people, including a noted TRC commissioner/academic/writer ( hence 'integrity' and 'truth' himself) generously invited the rest of members of the black churches also to apply. What happened afterwards however , was that only the Ned Geref ministers (and licencees) were called for the interview, inspite of the fact that one of the leading missiologists specifically in the field of theology of religioun were sidelined- in favour ( eventually) of someone, who is not a missiologist and who doesn't have any academic ( let alone serious) experience. It seems to me that this imply that, not academic excellence or qualifications count at UP ( Tuks)'s theological faculty, but denominational loyalty and whiteness. The UP are not the seminary of the NG Kerk hence the argument for seminarybased traning does not hold here- this is still a state asset and how could they preserve positions for one denomination- and a predominanlty white dominated one is just a mystery... a tragic one for that matter !