Monday, January 08, 2007

Back at the office

Good to be back at the Tswane hill, back at the piles of paper, unfinished projects, lining up for attention ! Ready, set, go !
I will be starting this year with a but of a different perspective. Last week I was caught in the middle of a bankrobbery, here in Florida, Joburg, got my shoes stolen in Stellenbosch, last month etc, etc. I however promised myself- I will not yield and succumb to these- I'll keep on struggling for peace and goodwill. I'm appalled and enraged at these idiot thugs, who seems to arrogantly break in our public and personal space and try to rob us of our dignity. I am impatient with the aloofness of Thabo Mbeki and his government at our plight. It seems as if we are left at the mercy of these violent thugs. Our president should appoint stronger, sharper ministers for the portfolios Safety and Security as well as Justice and Constitional development. Talking about Constitutional development- we need a revisit of the constitution of our country, which enshrine and protect our diginity and safety. Why should our suffering under lawlessness be the main content of our conversations ??? This is one area where it seems to me a lot of research and thinking has to go into. Which brings me back to the office. Lets start to work towards raising the levels of dignity and pride in our nation, build on concrete action against lawlessness, violence and criminality- we indeed can do better than this !